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The KKAC Organization was founded by the Peer Farm Group (Wilbur Peer, Sr., Andre Peer, Rickey Peer, Alvin Peer, Sr., and Edgar Peer, Jr.) in 2015 to educate minority youth about production agriculture and agriculture business.


During a minority youth tour of one of the farms the Peer Farm Group owns in Lee and Phillips County, AR, when asked "Where do string beans come from?" a young lady replied "Out of a can!" The Group recognized the need for agricultural knowledge and understanding in the younger generations. This inspired the Group to begin filling this gap and opening the youth's minds to a wealth of knowledge to sustain generations to come, thus creating The KKAC Organization.


In its swift expansion, KKAC also conducts outreach to minority farmers, ranchers, and landowners on estate planning, land management, heirs' property issues, and wealth-building opportunities through USDA-NRCS programs.




The KKAC Organization is a non-profit corporation that operates under the 501(c)(3) section of the Internal Revenue Code.

KKAC provides education and technical assistance by giving free lectures and on site demonstrations to rural agriculture communities, minority farmers/veterans, as well as financial scholarships to students with interest in rural agriculture.




KKAC strives to mentor students with an interest in agricultural related fields from high school to and through college.


To provide financial assistance in the form of scholarships and grants  to deserving students looking to further their educatuional and growth mindset.


KKAC aims to train and develop the emerging leaders in agriculture by hosting training seminars and professional readiness and development workshops.


As a family and community oriented organization, KKAC will establish office and field experience opportunities by partnering with local farmers, community leaders, and government agencies.

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