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Black Landowners Agricultural and Conservation Land Trust
(BLAC Land Trust)

Mission Statement:
The Black Landowners Agricultural and Conservation Land Trust (BLAC LT) will preserve landownership for historically underserved (HU) landowners, with a priority of serving Black landowners in the states of the Lower Mississippi River Valley.


  1. Educate current and future generations of HU landowners, both urban and rural, resident and absentee, about the importance of retaining ownership of their land in order to prevent land loss.  ​

  2. Educate current and future generations of HU landowners about estate and financial planning.

  3. Develop financial (i.e., direct, tax, market-based, etc.) land conservation incentives for HU landowners and educate them about these opportunities.

  4. Establish partnerships and working relationships with: a) agricultural/food and fiber supply, b) forest products, and c) environmental assets chain networks to ensure HU landowners have a prominent place in the marketplace so their lands are maintained in a sustainable, productive manner and land values are protected, both of which are crucial to HU landowners’ well-being.  

  5. Place agricultural, forest, wetland, and conservation easements on land owned by HU landowners to ensure sustainability, profitability, and that land ownership is preserved for generations to come. 

  6. Hold, monitor, and manage conservation easements on agricultural, forest, wetland, and other types of land for HU landowners.

  7. Educate the public and policy makers about the importance of maintaining a diverse landownership that includes HU landowners and the tools necessary to do so.

  8. Provide technical assistance to HU landowners so they can achieve the highest and best use of their land in order for it to produce agricultural, forest, and/or environmental products that are best suited for their land conditions and characteristics.    

  9. Form partnerships and working relationships with other corporations, agencies and organizations based on trust, respect, and credibility.

Farmers pick crops at Soul Fire Farm in New York state. It's run by Leah Penniman, a farmer and activist working to diversify the farming community and reconnect people to their food. Courtesy of Capers Rumph

For more information:

Please call our office at (501) 747-2968.

How to Apply:

The application for BLAC LT will open soon. Please check back to apply.

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