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Promoting Sustainable Land Use & Preservation

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Empowering Minority Youth Through Agricultural Education

Heirs' Property Clearinghouse

Assisting African-Americans with heirs' property and estate planning.

The mission we're working on.

The KKAC Organization is a 501(c)(3), family and community-oriented non-profit organization working towards land retention, preservation, and wealth building in historically underserved communities, particularly African American.

We provide education and technical assistance on agriculture business, estate planning, heirs’ property issues, and land management through national and statewide conservation programs

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A tractor in the field a rye field.
A greenhouse in the delta.
Men were listening at an outreach meeting organized by the KKAC Organization through ACEP.

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Join us in supporting the KKAC Organization's mission to empower minority producers, farmers, and landowners in Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisiana, North Carolina, and Florida spread awareness and amplify NRCS resources.

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Two men paying attention in KKAC's heir's property clearinghouse meeting.

Clearing Title After Generations of Black Land Loss

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"With land that has benefited from Mr. McAfee's (KKAC) meeting held several weeks ago...Because of this meeting, I have been able to acquire valuable information that has allowed me to enroll my application into the Easement Program for consideration of approval for 10 acres. This information was so rewarding from this conference call, that I called and informed three more farmer about the program in Mississippi and had them on the call. They are looking into this program also. I called two farmers in Georgia and they have inquired about this Easement Program through NRCS also."

Linda C.

“Whenever someone mentions Black farmers, I mention the work of KKAC. Whenever someone talks about wealth transfer, I talk about KKAC. If the conversation has anything to do with challenges, triumphs, and opportunities present for Black folks in agriculture...I lift up the work of KKAC. Over the last few years, the Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation has been proud to support KKAC's multi-faceted strategy to save, create and expand access to historic and future wealth tied inextricably to land in the Arkansas Delta. The staff is top-notch, the leadership is visionary, and they continue to deliver high-quality outcomes for all of their clients."

Cory Anderson, The Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation

"Mr. Wilbur Peer and the dedicated staff at KKAC have been instrumental in ensuring the preservation of our cherished family farm and homestead. Their expertise and extensive industry connections have consistently delivered exceptional results, solidifying our trust in their capabilities. Having attended countless farm meetings and conferences throughout my life, I can confidently say that the KKAC conference in February stood out and was excellent. The level of information, guidance, and productivity it offered surpassed all my expectations. The KKAC Organization is an organization that is one that is truly needed.”

Sammy Ross & Keith Ross, Ross Family Farms