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Welcome to
The KKAC Organization

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Phone: 501.747.2968
Phone: 501.615.8556

300 S Spring Street
Suite 800

Little Rock, AR 72201

Hours of Operations:
Monday - Friday: 8:00am - 4:30pm


"My name is Linda C. with land that has benefited from Mr. McAfee's (KKAC) meeting held several weeks ago...Because of this meeting, I have been able to acquire valuable information that has allowed me to enroll my application into the Easement Program for consideration of approval for 10 acres. This information was so rewarding from this conference call, that I called and informed three more farmer about the program in Mississippi and had them on the call. They are looking into this program also. I called two farmers in Georgia and they have inquired about this Easement Program through NRCS also."

— Linda C.

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