Promoting Sustainable Land Use & Preservation

The Land Management department of The KKAC Organization educates current and future generations of HU landowners, both urban and rural, resident and absentee, about the importance of retaining ownership of their land in order to prevent land loss. Provide technical assistance to HU landowners so they can achieve the highest and best use of their land in order for it to produce agricultural, forest, and/ or environmental products that are best suited for their land conditions and characteristics.

Program Milestones

Multiple outreach meetings

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Greater participation in historically underserved communities

Significant enrollment in the ACEP-WRE program

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Increased enrollment in the EQIP program

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Timber Management consultations provided to HU Landowners

A farmer is speaking at a KKAC outreach meeting.
A man speaking at an outreach meeting by KKAC organization
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Land Management FAQs

What is the main purpose of the KKAC Organization land management department?

To emphasize the importance of meeting and building relationships with the USDA NRCS employees on state and federal levels.

What is the benefit of building these relationships?

There are over 120 different NRCS programs that assist farmers and landowners with developing and maintaining land as an asset.

How do I know which programs would benefit me?

Requesting a conservation plan from NRCS will highlight which aspects of your land could benefit from existing programs.

What kind of benefits does KKAC provide to land management participants?

KKAC provides training and education on the main wealth-building programs available from the USDA and other similar entities.

Does the land have to be used for farming to qualify?

No, there are programs to benefit land that is not used for agricultural production.

Is wooded or forested land considered for acceptance in the program?

Yes, there are programs that will benefit these landowners as well.

What is important to know about qualifying for USDA Programs?

Owning land with clear title is a standard requirement.

What exactly does the USDA, and other government programs do for landowners?

If chosen, applicants to these programs receive significant funds to improve structural aspects of their land, thereby increasing profits, building greater wealth in a shorter time, and retaining the improved value of the land.

How can I sign up to attend a KKAC outreach meeting?

Submit your information below we’ll put you down as an RSVP!

How much does it cost to participate?

KKAC provides services free of charge to each of it participants.

Land Management Programs

Outreach Meetings

Join us in supporting the KKAC Organization's mission to empower minority farmers in Arkansas and Mississippi. Spread awareness and amplify NRCS resources.